Sunday, June 22, 2008

the brooks family good-bye party!

marcus and louise

on friday night we hosted a going-away party for our dear family friends, marcus, louise, jack, george and archie (louise's close friends anne and gail helped out with the food and organization of everything). the brooks family is going back to england after three and a half years here in the states. marcus came here on a military exchange program to teach american air force pilots how to fly blackhawk helicopters. and now they are going back. george has been gus' best friend since the very first day of first grade--they were and are practically inseparable--and he will be sorely missed by us all. louise is lovely and has been a very good friend to me as well.

so here we all are, all the brooks' friends and loved ones here at our house, wishing them bon voyage and happy trails and all that good stuff. i think everyone had a good time at the party. the brookses are here for a couple more weeks, and for that we are thankful. we are trying to organize a trip to go visit them in england, wherever they may be, next summer.

hasta la vista, marcus, louise, jack, george and archie! (we don't say adios, because we all hope to see them again)

happy hostess anne!

happy hostess gail!

happy hostesses and happy margarita man in the kitchen

sophie greeted everyone at the door with a diapered moon

the group photo, minus rich who was taking it

paige, taylor and david b.

marcus dives into that beautiful cake (jack has already devoured his)

gus and his best friend, george

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