Tuesday, June 10, 2008

too much water...

...is coming down the iowa river. it sounds like there was some bad flooding north of iowa city and the water is now making its way south through the state. if the flood of 1993 was a 100-year flood, then this will be a 500-year flood. info about the "water bubble" to come is here; the water should tumble just over the top of the coralville dam tomorrow around noon according to this.

this is the coralville dam, as of this morning

the water should crest by monday (which is also rich's birthday, and, as always, he expects gifts) according to most weather sources.

the daily iowan has a sweet photo exhibit of some iowa city flooding, all of which was shot right next to our old house: click here to see the little league fields, which were in our backyard, underwater. also, there's this:

if you follow the semi-circle directly beneath the tennis courts, just beneath that, if the picture continued, would be our backyard

if you are in iowa city, please go fill a sandbag for us! click here for info from the city of iowa city about where volunteers are needed.

***update*** the water went over the coralville dam at 8:30 p.m. iowa city time, according to this. i am so sorry to hear that. this is the second time, ever, that the water has gone over the dam. yikes.

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