Monday, June 2, 2008

camp-o-rama begins!

hoop-shootin' boy

today was day one of gus' great camp-o-rama adventure of 2008. he started at steve alford's lobo basketball camp for kids and he loved it. i was totally enthused to see him playing in the pit--it's legendary, after all! it was exciting to see him there and i have to say i don't know if it was his intonation or his attitude but basically i think all of the parents in observance of the camp would have gladly stood on one foot and clucked like a chicken if alford asked them to. he walked in there and basically had everyone in the room hanging on his every loudly-spoken-and-very-direct word. grown men were jumping at his command; the kids were pretty much cowed into silence.

and, of course, gus is head and shoulders above the other kids in his age group

you can just see gus' little white blonde head poking up in the back of this pack--although about two seconds after i shot this picture sophie screamed, alford glared in my direction, and i left. impressive.

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