Friday, June 6, 2008

the confidence killer

so, you're feeling pretty good about yourself, are you? you're thinking, "hey, i've got a ph.d., i've got two beautiful children, i live in a great house...i'm doing pretty good!" and you'd like to believe that the whole world can sense your good fortune through your visage. you'd like to think all that, but the truth is that people, on the whole, are neither kind nor respectful and they thoroughly do not give a shit about any of these things. they care about what you look like.

if you don't believe me, click here or here (it loaded twice).
or here.
or here (this one isn't too bad).
or check out rich's here.

then, if you're really feeling brave, upload a RECENT photo of yourself to and see what the world has to say about you. damn these kids are mean!

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