Sunday, June 1, 2008

so there's this syringe in my fridge...

...that's been there for several days. it's botox, of course, but usually it's in the fridge in a vial and not actually filled in the syringe. and it's kinda freaking me out because i swear the volume has been reduced since it went into the ice box, yet rich swears he hasn't used it (yet). is he spiking my morning tea? should i be concerned about this? i know he's been reading my blog more often than not lately, which would readily explain the possible poisoning effort. he has always said that i could drink a vial of botox and not get sick, thus it was safe to keep in the fridge next to our tiny, helpless children's food.

any physicians reading this that may care to comment on my or my children's impending demise?

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