Monday, June 9, 2008

has it been 100 years already?

we are very much thinking of our friends in iowa right now.

in 1993, iowa city had massive flooding that lasted for weeks. that flood was described as a 100-year flood (see this site for more info on the 1993 flood). now, it looks like history is about to repeat itself in a very bad way. i found all kinds of photos and videos shot on our old street, normandy drive, on the internet. it looks as though many people volunteered to fill sandbags, and i feel incredibly guilty for not being there to help. i even found an image of our former postman filling sandbags on normandy. anyway, if anyone in iowa city is reading this: we're thinking of you!

(all of the following images were shot on normandy drive by matthew holst of the press-citizen and brian ray of the gazette)

(this is bill, our former postman)

and i also found these videos of what is going on there, also shot on normandy drive:

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